Built on the ruins of a cow stable once named “Cowshed Scannaturco" in the local registry, these two villas are located in the rural area of Marina di Pisticci (Italy). With a wonderful view of the Ionian Sea, a sizeable terrace is the umbilical cord that joins these twins together. The interiors are furnished with a mixture of vintage furniture and a tailored modern style. The wooden trellis structure on which jasmine vines grow works as an optical extension of the living room as it opens up onto the porch. The colours both inside and outside reflect on the earthy, baked clay tones notorious to the area:  shades of sand, yellow ochre, pink, Pompeian red and brown are repeated in the brick ceilings, terraces and wooden floors in the bedrooms. With the belief that the transformation of land is the creation of a new landscape, this project harmoniously respects and adheres to the natural environment in which it is situated.

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