Living Room 0
Living Room 2
Living Room 1
Living Room-Reading Room
Living Room 5
Living Room 6
Bathroom 2 -1
Guests Room 2
Guests Room 1
Guests Room 4
Guests Room 5
Reading Room
Guests Room 3
Kids Bedroom
Bathroom 1

A small 2 bedroom flat located on the first floor of a former textile factory in Hackney, once a borough famous for being the heart of London’s textile industry. Some of the original building’s framework, namely the flooring, brick walls and columns have been restored and incorporated in a more contemporary setting. The two bathrooms, one of which was additionally installed for functional practicality, have been furnished with designer pieces and fitted with high quality, delicately nuanced tiles and coated concrete flooring. A red mobile by artist, Alexander Calder hangs from the ceiling of the living area and is a statement piece that clearly defines the colour scheme and stylistic influence of the flats interior. The mixture of 50’s style with modern furnishings give this home a hyper-functional and distinct look.

Photography by Jesus Uber

Photography by Alun Callender

©2017 by Mad Atelier

42 Lower Clapton Road

E5 0PD London

+44 020 8510 3605

Opening hours 

Monday - Friday:    10:30 - 6:30

Saturday:                 11:00 - 6:00

Sunday:                    11:00 - 5:00

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