This project was a two-storey extension of a duplex apartment with private garden situated in a conservation area. The extension was added on the ground floor to enlarge both the entrance area and living room and on the first floor to create a bedroom with bathroom for guests. In order to mitigate the verticality of the building, the new structure is a combination between two cubical shapes finished with natural shades and horizontal wooden cladding. The structure is made of glass and wood, the windows were stretched out onto the roof of the extension to increase both the sense of space and sources of light. Creating a communicative link between outside and inside was the key element to finding the perfect counterbalance between maintaining the splendour of a lush garden and creating a coherent living solution. The grey colour of the cement tiles in the entrance and corridor become a "preparatory exercise" for the rest of the extension from a historical, geometrical and optical perspective. As the grey slowly transforms into green, blue and wood colours towards the bathroom and bedroom – there the colours and increasingly botanical patterns fuse with the lavish green garden and blue sky outside the windows.

Photography by Dan Marshall

©2017 by Mad Atelier

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