The original layout of this house was riddled with dark hallways and restricting rooms, therefore the projects aim was to unleash the confined spaces through radical measures: all the maze-like partitioning walls were demolished leaving just the outer framework to work with. The core of the home was re-organised to give the house a more spacious interior. With the large larch ceiling beams and supporting pillars left exposed, the house immediately gained in height. This height is accentuated through the long predominantly off-white ceramic tiling on the floors that also match the majority of the walls in colour.  These new interior walls are playfully arranged and formed to give the house an open-plan feel.  As playful as they are, these walls are equally strategic as the lowered and minimised structures allow natural sunlight to flood into areas that once never saw the light of day. That playful element is also reflected in the irregular yet rhythmically placed grey tiles on the floor, as well as the strong dark orange colour accents on the walls. Once a dark labyrinth, the new structural components and the chromatic restyle give this home an upbeat and open-minded character.

Photography by Dan Marshall

©2017 by Mad Atelier

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