A former horse stable was previously transformed into a residential dwelling but unfortunately deprived it of its original features. The goal of this project was to not only to renovate the home, but to restore some of the original characteristics. The cornerstone of the restoration was to recover the building’s history and combine it with modern living.  Opening up the existing entrance to the kitchen expanded the living area. Massive oak beams that were intentionally left exposed in order to highlight the nature of the intervention replaced the original loadbearing structure. The beams were bound together traditionally to reflect the original character of the mews. Handmade polished tiles bring a burst of bright colours into the predominantly white kitchen.  The living room is furnished with memories from the owner’s frequent travels, including antiques from China, France and India. To accentuate the exotic style of the interior, Japanese panels made of rice-paper and wood separate the living area and study.  Mixing the exotic with the rustic and the old with the new, this home is now filled with memories: both those of the owner’s travels and the architectural history.

Photography by Jesus Uber

©2017 by Mad Atelier

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