Instead of an invasive restoration, the goal of this project was to accentuate the unique character and maximize the functionality of a studio flat through architectural emphasis. Located on the first floor of an old textile factory in London’s borough of Hackney, this studio flat was given a new look, while leaving some brickwork exposed in order to preserve traces of it’s historical past.  This idea of merging the old with the new is underlined by the prevalent use of white mixed with selected vintage furniture. As the natural light reflects off the white walls, the space is given an optical expansion. At the same time, that cosy studio flat feeling is still maintained through the two rounded archways leading to the master bedroom that gives the loft its distinctively lofty yet rustic appeal. Once disregarded and bare, this loft has been converted into a light-filled home that exposes the special characteristics that once went unnoticed.

Photography by Jesus Uber

©2017 by Mad Atelier

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