A car garage is converted into a functional and spacious family home. The key characteristic of this space is the mezzanine that is accessed via a spiral staircase leading to one of the two double bedrooms. The bathroom and laundry space, as well as the second bedroom are all situated below this and are hidden behind doors slickly clad with the same wood as the dividing wall. The living space with incorporated kitchen occupies the rest of the ground level. The living room leads out into a small aromatic garden in the courtyard. The finishing materials, lights and furnishings are made in an industrial style in respect to the lofts past. The raw nature of the converted garage is accentuated by the use of concrete for the flooring and plywood in the kitchen area. The metal frame of the front façade, including the front door are original, but have been restored with glass replacing metal plates and painted in a cheerful turquoise.

Photography by Jesus Uber

©2017 by Mad Atelier

42 Lower Clapton Road

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