Converting a former church into a functional and comfortable living space is challenging both structurally and optically. The church dates back to the 300’s and is located in the historical centre of Montescaglioso, Italy. The village is only 15km away from Matera, the city of the "stones" and the capital of European culture 2019.  The kitchen and living room are situated on the ground floor, and separated by a mid-height partition wall in order to clearly distinguish the elegant living space from the working area. A staircase made of wood and iron leads up to the sleeping area, which is an optically freestanding platform. The suspended structure is supported by steel cables and beams, but leaves space between its edges and the walls in order to admire the beauty of the masonry work of the six-metre high barrel vault.  A magnificent, skilfully restored fresco attributed to the artist, Altobello Persio and dated around the year 500 covers the entire bezel of the central wall. From the exposed tuff to the herringbone wooden floors of the platform, natural tones create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Fine furnishings, lavish sofa fabrics and selected antiques help transform this former place of worship into a homely sanctuary.

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