Reconstructing Lord Cecil London Design Festival


Twelve years ago, the Lord Cecil in Clapton closed its doors for the last time, ending an era of sticky floors and lock-ins, punk and reggae gigs, and good old-fashioned East End boozing.
The pub was a repository of stories, and to this day, many locals cherish fond and/or outrageous memories of their one-time local’s colourful past.

Mad Atelier moved into the premises in November 2017, after over a decade of dereliction and a few months of renovating the space to accommodate our design boutique and architecture & design practice.

This September, fusing the memories of locals with our own distinctly Mediterranean design language, Mad Atelier unveil the immersive installation

‘Reconstructing Lord Cecil’ - a three-room pub that tells the Lord Cecil’s story through colour, form and object.
Throughout the festival, Mad Atelier will thus be the place to come to grab a beer, explore intriguing cultural design juxtapositions, and delve through the layers of local memory on an intriguing journey into a building’s social past.

Photography by David Cleveland

©2017 by Mad Atelier

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